Overview: Medical practices typically focus on seeing patients, managing telephone calls, communicating with referring physicians and billing and collecting.

That’s good operations, after all. But too few have the time or expertise to monitor the constant changes in HIT (health information technology) and the EHR (electronic health record) market. Technology can have a significant impact on the practice operations – either positively, or negatively. Practices can earn Meaningful Use incentives by adopting and integrating an EHR into their operations, or risk losing the opportunity to earn those incentives and risk penalties in the form of reduced reimbursements. Because medical practices do not have the expertise or resources in HIT, they make mistakes that can easily be avoided by learning from others.

Art of Business

Why should you attend: Are you confused with the hundreds of practice management and electronic health record systems on the market? How can you be sure that you’ve identified the right system for your practice? Do you have experience migrating data from one system into another? What are the essential must-do’s for system selection? Avoid costly errors as you integrate technology into your practice.

It can be impossible to become expert in the EHR market and maintain a full-time medical practice, so use the lessons of others to avoid making the same technology mistakes.

Areas Covered in the Session:
Biggest mistakes practices make
System selection
System training
System implementation
Patient portals
Who Will Benefit:
Practice Administrator
Practice CEO/CFO
Physician Managing Partner
Revenue Cycle Director
CBO (Central Billing Office) Manager
About The Author:
Rosemarie Nelson Rosemarie Nelson’s experience in medical office management and information technology, combined with her years of consulting to physicians and practice professionals, gives her unique insight into the needs and challenges facing physicians and medical practices. Rosemarie conducts educational seminars and provides keynote speeches on a variety of healthcare technology and operational topics.

As a medical practice management consultant, Rosemarie has established significant expertise in system implementation. Key to her qualifications and success is the business analysis method for evaluating processes and needs, and applying solutions to information systems applications. As a manager in the Office of the Future project, she led new technology planning and development for improved clinical operations.