Sadly, there are millions of women every year that may experience one of the worst events that they will ever in their live experience, an unplanned pregnancy. According to the CDC, studies showed that in 2006, there were approximately 49% of women who experienced unplanned pregnancies, which also showed that there was a slight increase in unplanned pregnancies from the year of 2001. It is important to remember that both men and women have a responsibility in loving safely. Meaning, men are not the only ones who are responsible for engaging in sex and being safe and protected from both an STD and also an unplanned pregnancy. One of the things that women can do on their part is to be a responsible partner and visit their OBGYN on a regular basis. There are a number of things that women may want to visit their doctor for and one of them is to ensure that they have sufficient birth control methods that could work for them. Finding the right birth control method for you can assist you in loving comfortably and also protecting you and your partner from an unplanned pregnancy.

There are so many different methods of birth control today in the United States. Every year, there are more advancements being made with birth control and the medical field that allows many researchers to study and develop even more methods that can effectively control and prevent unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. According to Medical News Today, some of the common birth control methods that are being used today include: birth control pills, male condoms, female condoms, the sponge, the diaphragm, the cervical cap, the Depo-Provera shot, the hormonal IUD, the non-hormonal IUD, the contraceptive patch, the vagina ring, the implant, the morning-after pill and also even permanent contraception that is available for both males and females. Therefore, there should truly be no excuse for why you are not being responsible and taking the appropriate birth control method. Also, there are a number of facilities that are more than willing to help you with certain birth control methods.

It is your job to be responsible for yourself when it comes to birth control. You know your body best and you know what works and what does not work. Therefore, you may want to consider doing your own research online on your own time in order to locate your nearest OBGYN facility to learn more about your options for birth control methods. You can also think about searching for a gynecologist fredericksburg va, in order for you to find an OB located close to your home.

All women should be getting regular screening and checkups with their OBGYN. During these important appointments, you are able to discuss birth control options that can help prevent an accident from happening. Keep in mind, seeing your OBGYN can actually help guide you in the right direction in life and can actually help both you and your partner live a life that is better planned and guided.